Check out our 8-step carpet cleaning process

Want to learn a little more about our professional carpet cleaning services? Our carpet cleaning process includes the following eight steps:

  • Pre-inspection - we'll locate problems spots on your floors
  • Dry soil removal - we'll vacuum your floors to remove surface-level dirt
  • Pre-treatment - we'll apply a treatment to tackle contaminants and odors
  • Agitation - we'll scrub your carpet thoroughly to work the treatment down deep
  • Hot water extraction - we'll use top-of-the-line steam cleaning equipment
  • Dry and groom - we'll rake out your carpets so they dry faster
  • Post-inspection - we'll do a walkthrough with you to make sure you're satisfied
  • Carpet protection - we'll apply a protectant that provides short-term water resistance

Don't wait to deep clean your carpets - schedule an appointment with our carpet cleaning experts today.